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About Robots and Design

Innovation for a Better Life

Robots and Design, The World Finest Manufacturer

Specialized in Advanced Robots and Automation Equipment, Robots and Design, Co., Ltd. (RND) devotes to R&D for a better human life. Established in 1999, through our more than 20 years of research and experience, RND has manufactured 55 kinds of robots and supplied them as OEM or ODM to the domestic as well as international market in the fields of semiconductor, display, nano-optics, biotechnology, education, service, etc.


Also, RND has developed the high quality products with our own technology within a competitive  price range. RND aims to provide the best solution and optimize our customers' satisfaction. With more than 20 years of accumulated expertise and rapid service capability, RND brings our aim to realization.


06 Certified as materials and components specialized company

01 Certified as Venture Business Company


01 Awarded "Digital Innovation 2007"


11 Acquired International Organization for Standardization (ISO)


06 Designated as 'Promising small exporting business'

06 Established subsidiary 'Maxx Digm, Inc.' in USA

11 Established 'Incell Bio, Inc.'


10 Moved to a new location


10 CEO Han Jin Seok wins the Award for meritorious person of excellent capital goods development 


 Make foray into abroad market

Our History

Robots and Design is continuously endeavoring to R&D in order to provide better solutions for a better life.

Our History


01 Designated as 'KITECH's Research Partner'


08 Joined Robotics Research Association

03 Founded Robots and Design

Our Quality

Our Quality

Robots and Design is being devoted to ensuring the products' stability and reliability.

Quality in Design

We view quality in design as now only the value of products we supply, but as acknowledgement of real value we take into account customers and market requirements.

Quality in Manufacturing

Independent test and analysis confirm reliability established by certified process, skillful engineer, and cooperation with government agency like Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, MOCIE.

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