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Safe and Reliable System

EFEM (Equipment Front End Module)






Robots and Design's EFEM is a wafer loading module. The three units included in EFEM are Loading (Loadprt- FOUP Opener), Handler (Wafer Transfer Robot), and Pre-aligner. Integrating a pre-aligner with a clean robot results in a small footprint and allows space to be used with great efficiency.


Also, a clean robot with an end-effector on a rotary axis operates without a transverse axis contributing to a higher throughput, and the airflow simulation optimizes, ensuring a high level of cleanliness.


  • Loadport (Mapping)

  • Single/Dual Arm Robot

  • Linear Track for Robot Travel

  • Encloser structure

    • Fan Filter Unit

    • Area Sensor

  • System Software

  • System Electrics

  • System Electrics

  • Options:

    • Wafer aligner​

    • Ionization System

    • PIO Sensor

    • RFIP Reader/Wroter

    • Edge Grip Blades Teaching Pendent

If you have an interest in EFEM, please contact us.

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