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Vacuum Robot

Vacuum Robot.jpg

Single Arm


Dual Arm

Robots and Design’s Vacuum Robot is used for 1E-6Pa of vacuum environment. It has a servo motor for all axes, and uses magnetic fluid seals. Also, the rotation diameter is minimized, and the extensions are maximized.

Load Lock Chamber

Robots and Design’s Load Lock Chamber is a 2 or 1 shelf pass-through chamber (loading/unloading) with 4 view points. It controls the vacuum when transferring the wafer, which is in/out from vacuum chamber and Atmospheric equipment (EFEM). Also, it has an auto door open structure and wafer slide out detection sensor included. 

TM Chamber


Robots and Design’s TM Chamber is a 7 side for 6 Process Modules (PMs), 1 Load Locks Integrated. It is integrated with Vacuum Robot.
It has 6 view points and wafer detection sensor, wafer slide out detection sensor, wafer presence sensor installed. 

Cluster Tool

Cluster Tool.JPG

Robots and Design’s Cluster Tool is up to 7 sides for 5PMs TM Chamber for 300mm wafer. It is a vacuum pumping system. Two slots of L/L chamber, Dual arm Vacuum Robot, 2 wafer pass-through which is Load lock options are included. 2 wafer is with cooling and pre-heat. (26-wafer batch or 13-wafer batch with cooling)

If you have an interest in any of these products, please contact us.

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